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WARNING: The Pianocorder Reproducing System is a "hot chassis" device containing dangerous and potentially lethal voltages. The technical portions of this documentation assume the reader has a basic familiarity with electronics and knowledge of safety procedures involving high voltage equipment. It is strongly recommended that you consult a qualified technician to service your Pianocorder, and by downloading these documents, you accept all liability for damage or injury caused by working on the system yourself.

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Please do not attempt to contact Superscope/Marantz at the numbers and addresses listed in these documents; the Pianocorder division was sold off back in the late 1980s. For parts, service and repair, consult this list of Pianocorder technicians.

Installation and Field Service Manual

Grand Piano Installation Manual

Vorsetzer (External Pianocorder) Installation Manual

Troubleshooting Guide

Circuit Description and Schematic Diagrams

Superscan Display Console Owner's Manual

Operations Manual for the PC-1145 "Ragtime" Coin-Operated Piano

Schematics for the PC-1145 "Ragtime" Coin-Operated Piano

Brochure for the AMI "Entertainer" Coin-Operated Nickelodeon

Brochure for the AMI "Entertainer 2" Coin-Operated Nickelodeon

Instructions for the AMI "Entertainer" Coin-Operated Nickelodeon

Instructions for the Piano Automation MC-1/MC-2 Pianocorder-to-MIDI Interface

"Keep It Quiet!" Marketing Memo

Pianocorder Parts Price List (dated 9/8/1978)

Pianocorder Product Price List (dated 6/20/1980)

Pianocorder Tape Deck Spring Fix
Play button won't stay down? Here's how to fix it!

Service Bulletins (all 25 known bulletins; apparently none were issued from 1983-1987)



Oct. 30, 1978

  Ground fault circuit interruptor and initial preparation

Oct. 31, 1978

  Additional alignment test

Nov. 1, 1978

  Color-coded cables

Nov. 13, 1978

  Play-in time

Nov. 6, 1978

  Ordering and returning parts

Nov. 22, 1978

  Sustain pedal adjustment

Nov. 22, 1978

  Dealer preparation of the Marantz Reproducing Piano

Dec. 26, 1978

  Missing parts

Feb. 7, 1979

  Defective parts

Feb. 28, 1979

  Bent key solenoid rail "T" brackets

Apr. 13, 1979

  Driver board transistors

Apr. 23, 1979

  Extraneous notes

May 8, 1979

  Vorsetzer key solenoid springs

Jul. 16, 1979

  Quiet playing

Aug. 8, 1979

  Pedal solenoid operation

Dec. 19, 1979

  Parts list

Apr. 17, 1980

  Troubleshooting burned-out components of the driver boards

Apr. 3, 1980

  Problems with keyswitches and their solutions

Mar. 31, 1980

  Playback system (3/4 bit adjustment)

Apr. 15, 1980

  Bad power supply affecting record feature

Apr. 22, 1980

  Vorsetzer key solenoid noise

Dec. 24, 1980

  Treating key solenoids with WD-40

Dec. 10, 1981

  Pedal Solenoid Lubrication

Dec. 10, 1981

  Cutting Grand Solenoid Rail Slots

Apr. 6, 1982

  Clicking Solenoid Plungers


Also available:

Grand Piano Installation Video demonstration by technician Nick Morris
(produced in 1986 by Marantz; running time: 24 min.)
Available for USD $15 (postage paid) on NTSC VHS or DVD; send email if interested.


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