Pianocorder Upgrade Kit Feedback


I'm very pleased with your wireless system and have been enjoying my Pianocorder with renewed interest. Thanks for your thoroughness and great design work. I wish more people could benefit from the thrill of a Pianocorder and the depth of its library. Seems shameful in a world of so much dreadful media that the extensive library of piano rolls couldn't be enjoyed by more people.

I must say how impressive your technical writing is- great documentation of a great system! My install was up and running in only minutes. I already had the WINAMP application installed, and removal of the cassette mechanism and plugging in a few cables was clean and simple. Great product. Great design work. Perfect fun!

Jim C.
Rexburg, Idaho

I got my wireless kit yesterday when I got home from work. And in less than an hour, I had it up and working great. I really have to hand it to you, you've done an incredible job putting this whole packet together. Your documentation is perfect, simple, and incredibly thorough. I don't know if I'll ever get over my amazement, in part because I just never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be able to bring the Pianocorder back to being relevant again.

Howard H.
San Rafael, California

I installed the Wireless kit on Saturday. It only took 30 minutes to get it installed and playing. It is truly an easy process. I could not wait to remove the cassette player, it was so ugly. This kit and software have revived my piano like new. It plays fantastic. I also appreciate the cassette conversions. My wife thinks you are a hero.

Dave P.
Murrieta, California

I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the excellent quality of the kit and especially the clear, concise, and exceptionally well-written instructions. I also appreciate the prompt response from you when, due to my own inexperience, I didn't understand how to proceed at one point. It played beautifully from the first power up. You have a great product, and your support is second to none!

Mike T.
Jacksonville, Florida

Received your pianocorder digital conversion equipment in good condition. Installed it using your easy to understand instructions in less than 2 hours. My old Marantz upright burst into sounds I have not heard in 15 years. What a joy it is to have it playing once again. The sing-a-long reader works perfectly and to have the library of songs available with the accompanying lyrics is an added bonus. Thanks for your wonderful product.

Lanny H.
Cartersville, Georgia

I would like to thank you for the time that you put into the development of the WINAMP control [plug-in]. It works great. Also, the wireless unit is fantastic. I installed it without any problems (the unit as well as the X10 hardware) and appreciate the time you spent developing the software and hardware. I am a retired Engineering Manager with experience in both hardware and software design, so I know what kind of talent this requires.

Ernest W.
Ontario, California

I installed the system on my piano the other day. It only took 30 minutes and it sounds great. I have been unable to use the piano for the last five years since the tape recorder ceased to work. Thank you so much for your product. It is so easy to use my Ipad to play music. No more changing tapes all the time and we can make the playlists that fit the moment. You have restored the fun to our parties!

Joe R.
New York, NY

I just wanted to let you know that I have installed the wireless system and everything is working great. I also wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your complete instructions. This was by far the best instructions and information that I have found with any peripheral for the computer, and I have installed quite a lot of stuff. My complements to you and your workmanship.

Mark M.
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

I wanted to let you know that everything went well with the Pianocorder upgrade kit installation. My mother and I could not be happier with the outcome. The piano plays beautifully, the selection of music is outstanding, and your software is a pleasure to use. The MIDI files we downloaded play great as well. My only regret is that we didn't make this change years ago, but we just weren't aware that it was a possibility.

Fred Y.
Fullerton, California

Anyone that is on the fence about purchasing this product should be comfortable in knowing that the installation is easier than falling off a log. I literally had the unit installed within 15 minutes of opening the box. I carefully read the instructions and followed them to the letter and it was simple and easy.

It is not often that one comes across a product of this sophistication that acually delivers on what it promises. It is obvious that you have put a lot of effort into bringing the Pianocorder into the new millenium. Great work!

Dwight E.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

To say that I am delighted is an understatement. What a great gift you have given us! Your detailed instructions were more than thorough. Even down to how difficult it was going to be to get out the 12 pin attachment. I can't thank you enough. Mahalo and Aloha

Duke M.
Kihei, Hawaii

Brought it over to my Dad's house Satuday night, and I have to tell you it took longer to try to explain to him that he could now use his Pianocorder without the tapes than it did to install the unit and have it running. This thing is amazing!!! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your help. He called me last night just to tell my how much he is enjoying it. (I could hear it playing in the background).

Dan P.
Coppell, Texas

I just wanted to get off a quick note to you to let you know how pleased I am with my wireless kit for the Pianocorder... It is just wonderful... I look forward to exploring new music avenues.

Geri P.
Windham, New Hampshire

I am impressed with the great job you did with the packaging and overall design. You have done an outstanding job. As a retired engineer I can appreciate the many hours of effort to complete the task. I might also add that the documentation is superb.

Bill G.
San Jose, California

Just wanted to send along heartfelt thanks for an excellent product that far exceeded our expectations. The instructions were incredibly clear and we installed the unit just as you indicated with only a screwdriver and a pair of scissors.

The quality of the Media Library is far superior to our original cassette tapes and I especially appreciate the length of playing time we're able to get now with the extended playlist feature.

This kit has elevated the Pianocorder unit to a new level of ease of use. Thanks for creating such an excellent product - it's not often that hardware/software installations are so effortless.

Linda S.
Elk Grove, California

I just wanted to drop you a quick email regarding the wireless Pianocorder MIDI kit that we purchased from you. In short, this kit is perfect. From the simple installation and easy to follow set-up instructions to the wonderful user interface, it had been a delightful experience. We have really enjoyed our piano every day since installing your kit. Thanks again for everything. Oh, and removing the unsightly tape deck from our piano was an added bonus!

Peter S.
Elko, Minnesota

I am just amazed with how easy your kit was to install. I have never encountered more clear and concise instructions in my life. It was as though you anticipated what my questions would be. Words cannot express how happy we are with your system. If any of your potential customers desire a recommendation from a very satisfied customer, please do not hesitate to put them in touch with me.

Kenneth D.
Bayport, New York

Yesterday I was informed by our Customs that the kit arrived. I got the kit and soon at home I installed the complete kit (including software) within 20 minutes. EVERYTHING works fine. You did a great job - thank you very very much for assistance and uncomplicated handling. To all owners of Pianocorders - replace your Pianocorder's cassette deck by Pianocorder Wireless Kit!

Kurt B.
Eichenau, Germany

Mark, thank you very much for the nice thing you offer. My Pianocorder is reborn and I can enjoy it even more than before.

Shin O.
Kawasaki, Japan

I am really thrilled with the wireless Pianocorder update system that I purchased from you. Your instructions were superb. I was able to complete the total installation within about 80 minutes. I loaded my first song, and the system worked instantly with better quality than I had ever heard from that piano. In the days of "nothing ever works the first time", your product and your instructions were a welcome exception to the rule! What a great product!

David H.
Villa Park, California

Your product is excellent, system worked impeccably right from the install! Thanks again for providing a great service with a truly innovative product.

Ron P.
Los Angeles, California

The instructions were very clear and easy to follow, and went without incident. I am very pleased with the results and looking forward to many more years of entertainment using this system. Playing the piano through the wireless unit and WINAMP is especially exciting as it opens up a whole new level of control and piano MIDIs not available to me before.

Sal V.
Guilford, Connecticut

Just got my kit today... in five minutes it was working. I am very impressed with the simplicity of the installation and your excellent documentation.

Everything is working very well. The old cassette idea was a short-lived idea, and mine had stopped working well some time ago. You have brought new life to our grandmother's 100 year old piano.

Don N.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We received the wireless kit and installed it the same day without a problem. We are extremely happy with the results. Thanks for your help and for this wonderful update to our Pianocorder!

Karen H.
Glen Arm, Maryland

Got home from work at midnight and decided to install your kit. I must say that it could not have gone any easier!!! Within a matter of a few minutes I had the piano playing very well. Thank you very much for developing this device.

Mike M.
Martin, Tennessee

I finally got the opportunity to install the kit you recently sent. It went in as advertised and works great!!! Thank you so much. My wife will be absolutly delighted.

I want to commend you on your total package. I spent 34 years with Hughes Aircraft Co. and had lots of experience developing many different types of electronic and mechanical equipments, maintenance procedures, and technical publications for the government. I was impressed with all aspects of your product from the web site to the shipping container, the directions, the hardware, and the software. Your directions were wonderful and complete.

Having developed many similiar packages for the military, I was really impressed!! Keep up the good work.

Charles K.
The Woodlands, Texas

The wireless system is fabulous! Works like a charm, and I love the tempo and key change ability! WOW!

In the den, the Stultz and Bauer plays merrily along, even though it is missing a note! I have downloaded many of the rolls converted and stored on Terry Smythe's website that you link to... it really is phenomenal! So, there is satisfaction and sweet, fun, wonderful music filling our home tonight!

Again many thanks. It's a super system and I am a very satisfied customer.

Bill S.
Greenville, South Carolina

I just wanted to update you on my experience installing your wireless module. Simply, everything went perfectly well and according to your well laid-out instructions. I was somewhat apprehensive tinkering with brittle old boards under my large grand piano -- but your instructions were clear, excellently presented, and all I needed to accomplish the task without breaking anything. The piano started playing on the first pass and sounds wonderful again, and I can control it from my laptop from anywhere in the house.

Paul D.
Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

It went perfectly! We got my wife hook, line, and sinker! She had no idea that we added the wireless system to the piano. She was completely shocked, surprised, and teary-eyed. Her best birthday gift yet. Thanks for making it all possible.

Myles D.
Miami, Florida

This morning I received the Pianocorder Wireless Kit in flawless condition. Thank you for the double boxing and super-packaging, your highly-communicative manual with precisely-focused color photos, and your uncompromising attention to detail.

Robert K.
Las Vegas, NV

You are INCREDIBLE!! It took me about 1 1/2 hours to install the wireless kit and, because of the fantastic manual of instruction, I had NO problems getting up to speed. The software works great and I am amazed at how easy it is to operate. I know you have been working on this Pianocorder project for a long time, and you have really proven yourself with this wireless system.

Zary S.
Tucson, AZ

Your work has been of tremendous value to those of us who have Pianocorders. In addition to a first-rate program that will add so much value to using and enjoying the piano, working with you has been a pleasure. If you ever need a reference, I would be delighted to provide one.

Kathleen D.
Cape May, NJ

With your clear instructions, I had it installed within two hours. My 1932 Zimmermann Piano is playing like never before! Listening to piano solo music, I prefer the Pianocorder much more than my Story & Clark QRS Nickelodeon playing on Pianomation System. Once again I thank you for the great job you have done for the Pianocorder!

Guy K.
Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg

Wanted to let you know that I got it up and running yesterday, and it is so much better than I hoped for. My wife and I thank you very much for everything. I can't imagine the effort that went into the project, but we both agree that you did a magnificent job. The piano sounds better than it ever did when running on tapes.

George L.
Tatum, TX